Medina Valley High School – Castroville, TX

How To Order a Transcript

  1. Fill out the Medina Valley ISD – Transcript Request Form
    • In the field titled “Mailing Address”, enter in the STVT address:
      • South Texas Vo-Tech Institute – Admissions Coordinator
      • 734 S.E. Military Drive
      • San Antonio, TX 78214
    • Must check off either Send (in mail) or Will Pick-Up
    • Under “Record Type”, MUST circle OFFICIAL transcript. (We cannot accept unofficial transcripts.
  2. You may fax the Transcript Request Form to 830.931.0338 , with an ATTN: Lauro Segura in the top right corner. or you may drop off in person at Medina Valley High School located at 8365 FM 471 S, Castroville, TX 78009

*With the mail out option, reminder it can take up to 5-7 days, after Medina Valley High School receives the request, for them to process the transcript and mail it out to us. This option is time sensitive and should only be used if there is enough time before an STVT start date. Otherwise, the student must choose the “pick-up” option and bring it to STVT when it is ready. (Only in the form of a sealed OFFICIAL transcript).

For further questions regarding transcripts, please contact Lisa in the Counseling Center at 830.931.2243 x 1137.


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