Poth High School – Poth, TX

Two Options when Requesting a Transcript:

Option 1:

  1. Take the following documents over to Poth High School. Office Hours: 7:30am- 4 pm Monday-Friday.
    • STVT Transcript Request Form or fill out their request form in person
    • A government or state issued card (ex. driver’s license, state ID card, military ID, passport, or photo ID issued from a state or local government agency)

Option 2:

Student can call and order a transcript by phone with Ms. Shirley Sekula, Registrar at 830.484.3322. The transcript can be picked up in person or sent out to us by mail ONLY* if there is enough time before the student start date.

*With the mail out option, reminder it can take up to 5 days from when it is processed, for the Official Transcript to arrive. This option is time sensitive and should only be used if there is enough time before an STVT start date.

Please call 830.484.3322 for further questions.


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