Bandera High School – Bandera, TX

**Graduates of Bandera High School who graduated more than one year ago may request school transcripts using the instructions below. (Graduates who graduated within the past year should contact the high school registrar’s office directly at 830-796-6254.)**
How to request a Transcript:
   1. Print and fill out the BHS Transcript Request Form
   2. Mail the form to:
                                         Transcripts – Bandera High School
                                         PO Box 727
                                         Bandera, Texas 78003
   3. Bring the form to the High School campus at 474 Old San Antonio Hwy, Bandera, TX while school is in session. (The form can be taken to Central Office during the summer at 815 Pecan St., Bandera, TX)
NOTE: On the Transcript Request Form, ONLY OFFICIAL transcripts should be requested, unofficial will NOT be accepted by STVT. If they do not give official sealed transcripts same day, transcript can be mailed directly to the STVT campus at the address below.

South Texas Vocational Technical Institute

Admissions Coordinator

734 SE Military Drive

San Antonio, TX 78214


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